In ALV GRID is it possible to update database?

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  • Jun 6th, 2012


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  • Sep 11th, 2012

No, It is not possible.

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Sadeq Ahmed

  • Sep 25th, 2012

Yes it is possible we need to write logic for that one , it is an editable ALV

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  • Aug 20th, 2014

I think ALV is a tool used to display the data for end-user and sap doesn't recommend for update the changed data from ALV to back db


  • Jul 3rd, 2015

Yes it is possible, In case of editable ALV we have to write flush commands to update database as per any Enteries on click and save button.

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Murthy PNVS

  • Sep 8th, 2015

Using editable ALV we can get the inputs from the user and by using check_changed_data method we can get the entered/changed values from the front end grid and explicitly we have to write the code to modify the entries in to the data base.

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