Using Partition components

I having 1000 records in in0 file.
i want first 250 records into out0 file,
next 250 (250 to 500)records into out1 file,
next 250(500 to 750) records into out2 file,
last 250(750 to 1000) records into out3 file using partition components?

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Thirumala Naidu

  • Feb 6th, 2012

We can use partition by expression. In PBE component we can mention

if (field<=250) 0
else if(field>250 && field<=500) 1
else if(field>500 && field<=750) 2
else 3

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  • Feb 6th, 2012

Use "Partition by round robin" and put BLOCK SIZE as 250.

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  • Mar 2nd, 2012

You can use partition by % and say 25% for each port..
are you can use partition by range and provide the range of keys for each port

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  • Aug 21st, 2012

Use output_index in the reformat component and make count 4 for four outputs.

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  • Oct 11th, 2012

Partition by expression:next_by_sequence = 250

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  • Sep 3rd, 2013

It can be done by Partition-by-round-robin giving the block-size=250

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