Which test cases your select for Retest and Regression testing?

If you have 100 test cases, in that 80 passed and 20 failed,

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  • Dec 13th, 2011

We will take the 20 testcases which are failed as well as the Testcases which are related to the these 20 testcases as a part of regresion testing.

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Jp Reddy

  • Feb 7th, 2012

While a bug is found by T.E & fixed by Dev team,bug should be re-tested to ensure that its fixed properly whether to go for Regression or Re-testing depends upon the following factors.
1. We will do Re-testing if the bug is not related to any other features
2. We will opt for Regression if the bug is related to some other features..

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  • Mar 1st, 2012

Retesting/Confirmation Testing is done to check whether the Failed tc/Failed Functionality is working fine after the fix.

Regression Testing is done to check whether any of the other functionality is affected after the fix.

So in this context Retest is performed on 20 Failed TC
Regression Test is performed on 80 Passed TC.


  • Apr 11th, 2012

Regression testing is done to check the bug fixes or the changes on modified application build is not disturbing the existing functionality of an application.

Re-Testing is done to check on the same build with multiple data sample to check the robustness (stable enough) of the application

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