Invoice payment

What items of information do you need before you can approve an invoice for payment?

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  • Oct 17th, 2011

First we have to check the necessary information which is printed in invoice. some of those
1 invoice date
2 invoice number
3 vendor name
4 vendor address
5 total price
6 vendor signature
7 net price
8 original invoice
9 security seal
10 pass in seal
11 tax code

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  • Oct 28th, 2011

first we check the invoice date , invoice bill total amount
Quantity , price

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  • Nov 11th, 2011

from the following points normally we observe

Invoice Date
Invoice Number
Vendor Name
Vendor Address
Quantity of Stock
Total Price
Vendor Signature
Net Price
Original Invoice
Security Seal
Pass in Seal
Tax Code

Murugan L

  • Jan 11th, 2012

1. Date
2. Invoice No
3. Vendor Name
4. Tin No
5. Total Amount calculated correctly or not
6. Signature of inventry handler (who taking care of material receiving, Goods Receiving Note)
7. Materials quantity and quality must tally with purchase order
8. and tax details.

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