Bulk Data Operations

You are developing a PL/SQL block designed for bulk data operations. When attemping to store table data for multiple rows in a PL/SQL variable, which one of the following choices identifies the mechanism best suited for this task (choose one)?
A. cursor
B. varchar2
C. record
D. table of records

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Answer is D. 

We need multiple rows on a variable  so we use here Table of records .it uses just like as collection of records.
Cursor is used for selecting multiple rows from stored table.
Varchar stores only single value.
Record used to store a single row thus for store multiple rows on a variable use Table of records


  • Oct 25th, 2010

Table of record type is best option to perform this operation.becouse
first thing pl/table has unlimited size.
second thing for fetching bunch of record into pl/table,besides  of INTO clause we need to use 'Bulk Collect INTO'.becouse in table by using INTO one record can be insert and we need to insert multiple record(bunch of record) so we'll use Bulk Bulk Collect into.

Thnx for paying attention.

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