Number of Databases Running

How do you verify the number of Databases running on a Host?

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Waseem has explained for UNIX. Let me tell you how you can find the same on Windows.

Go to Start Menu, Then RUN. Type “Regedit” and Get inside the registry.


Under this path, you will not find a lot of folders (We’re not considering the unusual application support situations. We’re just considering a basic setup). The folders with the version names (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g… etc) are the number of databases that are running on the current server.


Go to Start Menu, Then RUN. Type “services.msc” and Get inside the Services. Click on any name (Don’t double click) and press the alphabet “O”.

You will get a list of services of Oracle unless you have some other software which starts with the same letter. The numbers of oracle homes found under those services are equal to the number of databases you hold on the server.

Guess that sorted out your question for now.

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bhanu prakash

  • May 6th, 2017

we can verify number of databases running by using pf -ef|grep pmon or smon.

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