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Why it is necessary to give only s9(4) comp for defining length in the linkage section and what is the significance for the same?

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  • Jul 1st, 2010

It is not necessary to write s9(4) comp to define lenght variable for the linkage section.
You can write any nos from 1 to 18. 9(2) can store any numeric value from 00 to 99, it means any 2 digit positive value. Since Comp stores all variable in binary and uses fixed memory size i.e.

 1 to 4                                  2 bytes
 5 to 9                                  4 bytes
10 to 18                              8 bytes
So it doesn't make much diifference wether you write s9(1) or s9(2) or s9(3) or s9(4) the memory allocated in each case will be same 2 bytes.

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