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How does Export/Import feature differ from that of SQL Loader?

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The two concepts are completely different.
Export/Import utilities are used to perform logical backup and recovery operations.

SQLLoader is used to load the data from external file to database.

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  • Sep 20th, 2009

Its Different..

For Export we are exporing the data from the Database to a Dump file..
i.e EXP from user datafile buffer rows compress etc
for Imprting we are importing the data from a dump file to a database..
i.e  IMP fromuser touser file= commit tables buffer etc

for SQLLDR we are impoting the data but from the diffrent file i.e through a CSV(comma Seperated Values) file..

you can say its a type of a insertion to a table.. not the importing the table it self..

SQLLDR can injuct the data to a perticular table..

Sheraz Baig

  • Nov 21st, 2013

Totally different Export/Import are oracle utilities to export data in the oracle format and to import the data which is been exported so the format will be the oracle one.

While SQL Loader is the utility to load the data from external file to oracle and format doesn't matter..

So Export/Import is based only on Oracle format and SQL Loader doesn't concern with Oracle Format.

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