Oracle / PostGRES - Database Installation & Configuration

What do mean by Database Installation & Configuration? How to install and configure? What is the role of tester for this?

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I am giving this answer by considering product not base on project oriented.

If suppose, product has developed in Oracle 8i environment, and new customer
wants the same product in Oracle10g.
As a Database tester, we should test the product in Oracle 10g environment. For
that you need to install Oracle 10g, Administrator will install 10g, Your role
is to create one new schema in 10g and run the functions and procedures on that,
export and import all these things comes under your work.

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  • Dec 21st, 2009

As I knew the Database Installation & Configuration comes under back-end testing. When we develop a project based on client request, we should consider client environment. if they has Windows xp with a specific configured system then we should test the (Database, app)application by installing on equivalent QA environment and we should configure the database if there are any pre-requisite flags, user access etc...

In most of the companies, Build deployment team runs the scripts to create a schema which was provided by development team and QA will test the database to make sure that all the tables has been created, the primary data been set and at the same time UI integration with database will be tested.

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