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How dot net differs from other programming languages?

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  • Oct 17th, 2008

.NET is a framework and not a programming language. Hence we cannot compare .NET with other programming languages.

.NET framework has CLR (Common language runtime) which has the runtime libraries for all the languages supported by .NET. It is the responisbility of the runtime to take care of the code execution of the programs written using programming language.

.NET framework  performs responsibilities like  garbage collection (memory management), code access security,  code verification etc. In case of other programming languages these responsibilities has to be carried out by a programmer or s/w developer developing the application.

Advantage of using .NET is you can still continue programming in the language you are comfortable with.

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Other programming languages get compiled and run in their own specific run time environments and are not inter-operable.Where Dot Net supports programming languages run in a common runtime environment called CLR and get compiled into MSIL code which is interoperable with other programming languages supported by CLR.JIT is then used to convert MSIL to native code based on the operating system.CLR supports many utilities like Garbage Collection,MemoryManagement and so on  that make it a more efficient run time environment.

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  • Jun 4th, 2010

Dot net supports various languages such as C#, VB, J# etc.  To be a valid dotnet supportive language, one language compiler has to obey rules and regulations defined in the CTS and CLS.

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