What is difference between Validation and Verification

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  • May 25th, 2008

Varification:  it is the process of confirming that s/w "meets
its specification".It involves reviews and meetings to
evaluate documents,plans,code,requirement and
specification.This can be done with checklist,issues lists
amd walkthroughs.
It is the examination of the process and checks r we
building the product right?

Validation:It is the process of confirming that it "meets
the user's requirements".Validation typically involves
actual testing and take place after varification are


  • May 26th, 2008

Verificartion: Typically involves rreviews and meetings to evaluate documents, plans, code, requirements, and specifications. This can be done with checklist, issues lists, walkthroughs, and inspection meetings.
1. This process focus upon the process of an organisation
2.verification begins in the initial phase and will be always associated with all the phases of SDLC
3.Mostly QA(Quality Assurance ) engineers will be involved in the process of verification.
4.are we building the right system?

Validation: Typically involves actual testing and takes place after verifcations are completed
1.This process focus on the product after the development(The out come of the work)
2.Validation appears after coding phase
3.Most of the times test engineers will be involved in the phase of validation.
4.are we building system right?


  • May 27th, 2008

verfication - like cross checking eg: modules are prepared as per specification
validation- comparing with specification whether we prepared modules as per specification

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Verification: Verifying the behaviour of an application which ensures the application is meeting the software requirement or the client requirements.

Verification is set of activity that ensures the software Requirements or the Client Requirements.

Validation: Validation is set of activity that implements the customer requirement or customer expected result.


Validation is validating the behaviour of an object in an application wheather meeting the customer expected result or not.

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  • Jul 8th, 2008

Validation is also called as review..............checking wheather the project meets the Software reruiements


Verification:-checking wheather the project meeat user requied

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  • Sep 10th, 2008


If we are only verfiying our system/ application on papers like Reviews , meetings etc where no execution of the test cases involved.


While Execution of the test cases when we are validating our system/ application is validation.


Nitin K Verma

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Verification and validation is a form of testing that defense against error
prone software development and maintenance process.
Verification and validation are not the same, verification shows conformance
with the specifications and validation shows that the program meets the
customer's need

Verification : is a type of static testing as software inspection is convened
with analysis of the static system representation to discover problems.
Formal approach to document reviews
Intended explicitly for defect detection but not correction
Cannot check non functional characteristics such as performance, usability etc.
Many defects can be discovered in single inspection
Verification can be done on Requirements, specifications, design docs, Code

Validation : is a type of dynamic testing as software testing concerned with
exercising and observing product behaviour
One defect may mask another defect so several executions are required
Intended explicitly for correction
Validation is done in actual application and may be done on Prototype Validation
Take place after verification

Verification: Verification is a process to ensure that the software that is made, matches the original design.  It checks whether the software is made according to the criteria and specification described in the requirement document. it is to check whether you built the product right as per design.

Validation: Validation is a process to check whether the product design fits the client's need. it checks whether you built the right thing. it checks whether it is designed properly or not.

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  • Oct 12th, 2011

Verification:it is nothing but a evaluation of a product, checking whether it is ready with specifications, regulations or conditions....

Validation: it is assuring the product ,that it has met the customer requirements...

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pooja pundir

  • Nov 3rd, 2011

verification is the quality control process that is used to evaluate whether or not a product ,service,or system complies with regulation,specification .

validation is quality assurance process of establishing evidence that provide a assurance that a product ,service or system accomplishes its intended requirements

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  • Feb 14th, 2012

we can simply say verification means product right.... validation means right product.......

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meysem kaptan

  • Mar 17th, 2012

verification:-is checking versions of data have been entered identically or has been copied correctly from one medium to another. it is done manually after completing the data entry

validation:- it is checking the entered data whether it is acceptable . usually it is performed while entering the data by the computer program

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  • Mar 25th, 2012

Verification: Are we building product right

Verification: have we built product right.

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  • May 21st, 2012

verification: It is a static level of testing
validation: it is a dynamic level of testing

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nikhil garg

  • May 29th, 2012

verification - are we building the right product(Prevention)
validation- did we built a right product(detection)

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  • Jul 25th, 2012

Verification : Are we building the product right.

Validation : Are we building the right product.

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Nitin kamble

  • Aug 26th, 2012

Verification is done throughout the Life Cycle,

Validation is done when the product is Ready to deliver

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  • Aug 27th, 2012

Verification: Verification is finding defects or faults by reading out the documents. Example-review of any document

Validation: Validation is finding defects by executing test cases or testing the product.

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  • Nov 19th, 2012

Verification is basically done when it is a written document/code/etc i.e. that is checking whether we have done it in the right way/ are we building product right.

Validation is done basically when the system is in execution i.e. that is checking whether we have build the right product/ whether meeting all requirements.

Please note that, it is not necessary that a systems 100% correctly verified will have 100% correctly validated.

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  • Jan 5th, 2013

VERIFICATION: It is process oriented.
whether the product is built right.
It is done each phase from starting itself

VALIDATION: It is product oriented.
whether the right product is built.
It is done after the execution phase

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