In a office, 30% are supervisors, 40% are male employees, 60% of supervisors are male. Probability that a random chosen employee is a male or a female?

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See, we a re given wid sum xtra information:

Here, we know a su apervisor is also an employee,

thus, given:

60% of supervisors are male : so, 60% of 30% of supervisors are male

=> 18% are male

=> 12% are female

so, P(either a male or a female employee)=

= 18/100+12/100=0.3 as total number of employees are 100.Thus,0.3 is answer.

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  • Aug 16th, 2010

I would say probability of randomly chosen a male employee is 22% while that of female is 48%.

Base on my understanding of the question,

let 'x' be the total employee (supervisors and ordinary employees)

supervisor: 30% of 'x' = 0.3x
male supervisors: 60% of 0.3x = 0.18x
and female supervisor: 40% of 0.3x = 0.12x

total male employees: 40% of 'x' = 0.4x
therefore, number of ordinary male employee = 0.4x - 0.18x = 0.22x

=> P(male employee) = 0.22x/x = 0.22
i.e. probability of male employee is 22%

total female employees: 60% of 'x' = 0.6x
therefore, number of ordinary female employee = 0.6x - 0.12x = 0.48x

=> P(female employee) = 0.48x/x = 0.48
i.e. probability of female employee is 48%

I hope I've interpreted the question correctly.

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