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You have a virus that loaded several processes every time you stop the process it restarts itself you tried going into safe mode but it does the same found the DLL files associated with it but you cant stop or delete them what is the easiest way to repair?

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  • Jun 4th, 2008

Check the default home page setting under options tab. Reset it to a known good home page (ie: MSN, Google, etc.) and run full antispyare scans. I'd reccomend a freebie such as adaware se or spybot s&d.

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  • May 17th, 2009

Encourage your users to back up their important files constantly

1) Run virus removal software in Safe mode
2) Disable all unknown start up protocols using msconfig.
3) Be ready to format or restore a ghost image if neccessary.

If this is an office network teach users to save and store important data on a mapped network drive.

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  • Aug 18th, 2009

You can use CD which have tools to scan the HD from OS Windows and remove virus without entering Windows.

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There are a few tasks that you can perform here but it seems that you're looking for the easiest solution.

The easiest solution that would avoid having to locate any known registry files associated with the virus along with all other files is to just simply restore the computer back to a previous version where it didn't have the virus associated with it.  This is an easier solution for personally owned PC's, but not company PC's.

If it's a company PC, then ensure that all important documents are backed up on either the company server, a floppy, CD/DVD, or an external hard drive then restore the PC and set up all user functions from scratch.  At that point you can re-copy all of the important documents back to the PC and the virus should be taken care of.

Other tasks you could perform is attempting a different anti-virus software to remove it.  When I do onsite work for personally owned computers I tend to use Trend Micro's online virus scan software.  It's free and it actually gives you an optimal scan that will also give you advanced options on how to remove the virus physically (including known registry files that it creates).  You can delete a viral file and all associated files all you want from a PC, however if you don't remove the registry files and ensure that the IE cache and temp files are clear, it'll keep coming back.  This process has been known to take several hours or hard work to locate every particular file, so it's much easier to just do the aformentioned steps first.

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  • Aug 26th, 2010

1. Try to find if there is an executable file for the virus in the startup list and remove it if so.
Restart and enter safe mode with network enabled.
3. Run anti-virus program after updating your anti-virus.
Restart the computer and enter safe mode again and run the anti-virus program to make sure your system is clean.
If everything is working fine but still not being able to brows the internet go to the Tools tab in IE then internet options then connections tab and click lan setting and uncheck the box of the proxy setting.. some virus's do this trick to parallize you from getting to the internet.

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  • May 12th, 2012

First Remove the system from network and run the virus scan. Deleted the file from Quarantine if the system scanned fully copy the data in externaml drive and format the syustem

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  • Jun 1st, 2012

Reinstall the operating system, at the time of installation choose repair option, it repairs all corrupt dll files, and keep ur data as it is.

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