Convert Source Column into Target Rows

What transformation do you use to convert source column into target rows? Explain

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Hi Sahan,

Please let me know how aggregator is used here. I think Aggregator is required when we denormalise data and here our requirement is to Normailse the data.
Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks

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Normalizer is basically used to convert rows to columns. I don't think alone normalizer is sufficient to convert columns into rows. In certain scenario you use this sequence of t/f to convert columns into rows
SQ -> Sorter -> Expression -> Aggregator -> Filter -> Target

Scenario : At source we have data like
col1 col 2
1 a
1 b
1 c
2 d
2 e
3 f

At target we want data like
col1 col2
1 a+b+c
2 d+e
3 f

We can achieve this with the above mentioned sequence of transformation.

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