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Explain the difference between Translate & Prompt tables. What are the occasions when to use Translate values instead of Prompt table? What is the advantage of one over the other?

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Translate Table:
            Translate table is a special kind of table that is limited to  validating data of four characters or less.
The tranlate table serves as a universal prompt table and is effective-dated

Prompt Table:
            Prompt table are used to provide users with validate values from other tables, other values are generally populated by system users, and are often application specific

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Translate table values are stored on a people tools table called XLATTABLE. The field type should be character, length should be < or = 4, field values should be static. We can give more than one value for a particular field.


Prompt table used to provide users with validate values from other tables. Prompt table with edit, prompt table with no edit.

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