How can I use multiple filter transformations? How do I pass dropped rows to next filter transformation to check the conditions?

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venu adavelly

  • Sep 17th, 2007

Hi Ashok,

Insted of taking multiple filter trans take a router trans

we can use multiple filter conn and we can pass discarded decords to next trans'
I think you got the logic

venu adavelly

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We can use multiple filters but it is not a good practice.

We can use a router instead and specify our multiple filter condition in multiple groups.

That way we can get the job done by using a single transformation making it easy to develop, understand and maintain.

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You can use filter transformations to filter rows. Filter transformations passes rows to next transformation which rows met the condition. But it cannot pass rows which rows doesn't meet the condition. It means, it does not maintain droped rows of data(discourds rows of data). so you cannot pass dropped rows of data to another transformations.
You want to pass dropped rows of data to another transformations you need to use the Router transformation. The Router transformation has default group so it gives an option to route the rows which not meet condition to default group.

We can use the one router transformation instead of multple filter transformation.

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Rajarao marisa

  • May 31st, 2012

Ok its not good work environment by using multiple filter t/r usage
Any way by using multiple filter we can load rejected rows also
SD-->SQ-->fltr(condition(true)(eg:deptno=10)---->loaded into one target
|___...>fltr(condition(False)(eg:deptno!=10)--->loaded into another Target(rejected rows)

Hope u understand

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