What is meant by GR/IR clearance account?

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sachin kumar

  • Sep 18th, 2007

GR/IR is the intermediate account.

Entries are debiting and crediting at the time of GRN and Invoice verification...

At the time of GRN entry is debit from GR/IR clearing account and in MIRO entry is crediting from the account

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  • Feb 19th, 2010

GR/IR are clearing accounts, the balance should be match at the end of the month.
When goods receipt stage GR/IR will be credited.
When goods verification stage GR/IR will be debited.
This both should be match when we run GR/IR clearing.

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  • Jan 10th, 2018

Definition. Postings are made to the goods receipt/invoice receipt (GR/IR) clearing account or to GR/IR accounts whenever goods are delivered and invoice receipts are captured with a material reference. Postings relating to the same purchase order and purchase order item are updated but not cleared automatically

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