What is the purpose of "Factless Fact Table"? How it is involved in Many to many relationship?

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  • Jun 19th, 2007

Without measure contain only keys called factless fact table.


  • Aug 7th, 2008

Factless fact contains only the key fields and any related dimensional bridge attributes. Doesn't contain actual measure fields that are used for aggregates or summary. Factless facts can be used as a bridge tables or to store measures that are used directly without aggregation(for e.g. max(), min() attributes)


  • Sep 10th, 2008

Factless fact table is a table that records an event,

Factless fact table is called a coverage table. Coverage tables are frequently needed when a primary fact table in a dimensional data warehouse is sparse.


  • Dec 17th, 2008

Factless Fact Table is the fact table without having any measure (Transaction Data).

The intention may vary from use but mostly its used for either Custom Reporting or Bridging.

It contains only the keys in it and else everything as NULL or even not present (Columns)

In case of custom reporting we do all the changes in this dummy structure keeping the source table untouched.

eg. If you have to change reason code from "ABC" to "XYZ" in report, u can go and change it in
your factless fact table which initially has NULL there.

On the reporting side u can use coalesce to get the reporting done on two tables.

Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

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