What is the sequence of events fired when a page is saved.

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  • Oct 22nd, 2007

Firstly, its SaveEdit
followed by SavePreChange
and finally SavepostChange

The SaveEdit event is initiated whenever a user attempts to save the
component. You can use SaveEdit PeopleCode to validate the consistency of data
in component fields. Whenever a validation involves more than one component
field, you should use SaveEdit PeopleCode. If a validation involves only one
page field, use FieldEdit PeopleCode.

The SavePreChange event is initiated after SaveEdit completes without errors.
SavePreChange PeopleCode provides one final opportunity to manipulate data
before the system updates the database.

After the Component Processor updates the database, it initiates the
SavePostChange event. An error or warning in SavePostChange PeopleCode causes a
runtime error. Avoid errors and warnings in this event. The system issues a SQL
Commit statement after SavePostChange PeopleCode completes successfully.

For the discussions already made, I would add one more event when a page is saved, i.e. workflow. So, Now series will be

Workflow: Only Peoplecode related to Workflow (e.g. Approval processes and Notification purposes) are written.

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