What are the reports available with Oracle HRMS?

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  • Feb 18th, 2010

Absences Report
Assignment Status Report
Current and Projected Progression Point Values Report
Element Link Details Report
Employee Increment Results Report
Employee Movements Report
Employee Summary Report
Full Personal Details Report Set
Full Applicant Details Report
Full Assignment Details Report
Full Person Details Report
Full Work Details Report
Job and Position Skills Matching Report
Organization Hierarchy Report
Position Hierarchy Report
Requisition Summary Report
Salary Review Report
Skills Matching Report
Staffing Budget Details Report
Terminations Report


  • Oct 4th, 2011

thanks for providing available reports in HRMS
but one doubt all these are existing one or not if so
then what are the short names of those all reports in oracle apps schema.

I am a learner i want to do some practical exercises
please provide any information

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