Can you explain some issues related to SAP FICO with examples. Like in GL, APand AR what kind of issues u came across.

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  • Jan 31st, 2008

The question is almost too big! There are so many buisness and technical issues you might face and they will be different according to what version of SAP you are using, how it is configured, the nature of the business, the number and experience of the users, and many other factors.

IN GL you will need to decide the structure of your chart of accounts, what GL accounts you will need - including Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss accounts - account groups, Profit Centres - if you are going to use Profit Centre Accounting - and a multitude of other things. In AR you will have to set up your customer, material, and output master data, decide whether you will use Dunning and if so set the parameters for it, and then decide how you will follow up the dunning letters to make sure you get paid.  In AP you will set up the Vendor Master Data, methods of payment, etc. And then you will need to update your SAP with patches on a regular basis then test your system to ensure these haven't caused any of your configuration not to work or to work in unexpected ways. In any module you might have transactions problems that you will have to resolve, due to either technical problems or user error.  

All you can do to answer this question in detail is to relate some of the issues you have experienced that will relate to the business for which you are being interviewed. Hope that helps. 

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