What is defncopy and it's usage.

Copies definitions for specified views, rules, defaults, triggers, procedures, or reports from a database to an operating system file or from an operating system file to a database.

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The defncopy utility cannot copy table definitions or reports created with Report Workbench.   Invoke the defncopy program directly from the operating system. defncopy provides a non-interactive way of copying out definitions (create statements) for views, rules, defaults, triggers, or procedures from a database to an operating system file.

Alternatively, it copies in all the definitions from a specified file. You must have select permission on the sysobjects and syscomments tables to copy out definitions; you do not need
permission on the object itself.

? You must have the appropriate create permission for the type of object you are copying in. Objects copied in belong to the copier. A System Administrator copying in definitions on behalf of a user must log in as that user to give the user proper access to the reconstructed database objects.

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  • Oct 29th, 2008

Defncopy is a sybase tool that defines the objective statements such views, triggers, defaults,rules and so on

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