Write Test cases for a pen.

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  • Jan 9th, 2007

1.check the look appearnce of the pen

2.check the cap of the pen

3.check the tip of the pen

4.Remove the pen body

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  • Jan 10th, 2007


Test cases for pen are as follows -

  1. it should be slick.

  2. it should not be too large.

  3. it should not be too small.

  4. it should not have sharp edges.

  5. it should be light

  6. it should be strong.

  7. it should have protection from ink pour out.

  8. Ink colour should be dark

  9. ballpoint should be strong so it should not break if pen strikes with hard surface.

  10. it should have cap.

  11. pen ink should not contain harmfull chemical.

  12. Ink should not dry if pen is not used for long time.



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check the pen type(company)check the pen ink type whether its black or bluecheck whether it.s having cap or not.check whether its writable r notcheck the pen size and shapecheck the pen material

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  • May 11th, 2007

User inter face :
 1. Check look of the pen
 2. Check Pen colour As per specification
 3. Check whether cap is presented
 4. Check whether pen is ball or ink as per specification
 5. Check pen size as per specification

 functional :
 1. Check whether pen is writing
 2. check whether pen z writing as per specification (.5,.6)
 3. Check whether pen is writing only on papers or something as per specifications

1. Check whether pen is writing in any climate
2. Check how much of time pen able to write continuosly with out rest on same way


1. If pen is fall down then check whether pen able to write


  • Mar 10th, 2013

It should be in keep writing in all condition

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