what is the mapping for unit testing in Informatica, are there any other testings in Informatica, and how we will do them as a etl developer. how do the testing people will do testing are there any specific tools for testing

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After developing the mapping the developer should do the unit testing, unit testing means what they developed the mappings that can be tested independently by the developer, or they will use the "toad" .

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  • Dec 4th, 2006

can u please expain the mapping documention of the particular mapping? how to test the mapping?

Gopalakrishnan Kannan

  • Dec 21st, 2006


To test the mapping,

1. Prepare mapping document. This mapping document explains start to finish of the entire transaction. This document shld contains each column level transformation logic from source to target.

2. Prepare test data. Insert test data in all source tables and lookup tables (make the data specific to your testing, like having ur name in the desc field). Based on the source data, define the expected output in a excel sheet. After running the job, check the output with the expected data (excel). All these shld be written in the unit test scripts.

have fun.


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  • Apr 6th, 2007

Ok we will refer development document , Could you teach me how to write test cases for unit testing in development document before development and give me an example to sample test cases.

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