I am using Netbean editor for sturts application problem i am facing is not been able to compile the file i have created.What actully i have done is i am using BeerforAll project which i have downloaded from netbean site. So i just want to make few changes in this site just for lerning purpose.I created a catalog.jsp file and then created a catalogAction.java so when i try to compile this file it showing me that it has been compiled but not showing it in classes folder as classes folder showing other files which are parellel to this file.this is the code I have written in struts-config.xmlThis is te code i have written in CatalogAction.javaBeer4AllService service = getBeer4AllService();List featuredCatalogs = service.getFeaturedCatalogs();List featuredItems = service.getFeaturedItems();((DynaActionForm)form).set( "featuredCatalogs", featuredCatalogs );((DynaActionForm)form).set( "featuredItems", featuredItems );This is the code i have written in catalog.jsp fileSo when i run this site it always goes to So please help me out of this problem and where i am making mistake


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