Business objects is which type of the OLAP Tool?

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Om Prakash Bang

  • Sep 21st, 2006

BO is ROLAP Tool

The functionality and feature sets are significantly different and so are the costs. Generally speaking, BI tools are categorized by a) their architecture (i.e., ROLAP, MOLAP, HOLAP, DOLAP, etc.) and b) their cost (i.e., high end or low end) which is usually related to the size of their feature set. For example, DOLAP solutions would include Cognos and Crystal, MOLAP solutions would include Essbase, SAS and Oracle Express, ROLAP solutions would include Business Objects, Informatica and Microstrategy and so on. Similarly, Cognos, Brio, Crystal and Microsoft OLAP are considered low-end solutions, while Business Objects, Microstrategy, Essbase and Informatica are considered high- end solutions.

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anil devireddy

  • Oct 25th, 2006

HaiBusiness objects is the HOLAP....byeAnil kumar.D

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  • Nov 16th, 2006

Business objects is DOLAP tool.(DESKTOP OLAP TOOL)BYE

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Srinath Ayinampudi

  • Nov 17th, 2006

Its ROLAP Tool

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  • May 22nd, 2007

It is MOLAP-Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing
ROLAP-Relational Analytical Online Processing.

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