Why do you have to build a QA environment to conduct a performance test? What issues have you faced building a QA environment?

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We need to buid the QA environment for performance testing because to check the performance we need to monitor response from the Web Server and Database Server, through these servers we get the information that how much data is received in a particular time. Main issue which I have faced was sometime WEb server is down and sometime database server is down.

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  • Mar 6th, 2007

The  reason for  building  a  QA  environment is  to  simulate  the  conditions  under  which the  product is  going  to be  used.    This  gives  QA  greater  control over the  data.  Generally it is  not  the   same  as the  development  environment   and  needs  to  be  kept  seperate  from  both  dev  and  production  environment  to avoid  data  corruption.

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