I'm planning to use QTP scripts in LoadRunner. I have 2 doubts.Do I have to install the client application on the machines where I'm planning to use it for load test? so that it helps during the play back of the QTP scripts? for example :Assume I'm using one machine and I'm planning to run 1 vuser. I would install the client application on that machine. When we are executing through controller we can see the application being played back(which is the usual way of executing QTP scripts). If I need to run for 100 Vusers then do I need to have 100 machines with the client application installed on each of them to run for 100 Vusers?Let me know ur thoughts. Thanks

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Load runner is used to load test the application or system by simulating the real users with virtual users. i.e Load generators will create the load by running virtual users.So u dont need to have 100 systems. Install the application and load runner in your machine and make the settings for 100 users in conductor and run the test.
Make sure that u have required data in the data bank and validated script.

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