I was asked in interview 1) how u do functional testing and at what stage.2) when u do integration testing and what are the steps.3) what is tree view.plzzzzz some one answer this question?

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Senthil Kumar Kannaiyan

  • Aug 22nd, 2006

1) How you do the functional testing?

We do functional testing based on the functional points derived from the application. Functional testing can be done manually and using an automated tools.

2) At what stage?

Stage 1: Functional Testing will be done from the requirement gathering. We can perform the testing from the Functional design document (FDD). followed with LLD and HLD and all the necessary document. Make sure that all the functional points of the application is addressed in the document. We can prepare and use a Checklist document for verifying this.

Stage 2: We will continue the Functional Testing once the application is developed. For this we need to use the Test Cases. Hope this helps you.


Senthil Kumar Kannaiyan.

2) When u do integration testing and what are the steps.

3) What is tree view.

Please some one answer this question?


  • Aug 28th, 2006

The entry criteria of Integration testing is : Unit testing completed

Steps involved would be :

1) Getting unit tested peices of functional code .

2)Deciding on dependencies of vaiour modules

3) deciding on interfaces (if not availble appropriate Stubs and drivers needs to be coded/customized) to execute the integration test plan .

Tree few : as per my knowledge :a Tree View is the pictorial repentation of the internal function dependency (module wise )of an application .


  • Oct 12th, 2006

Functional testing is basically testing functionality of application without any knowledge of code.

It can start right from the phase of SDLC ie analysis stage and continue untill implementation pjase.

Integration is testing interaction and interfaces between unit testd components.Once unit testing is complete you can go ahead with integration testing.It is end of whitebox and beginning of black bx.

Tree view is heirarchy view of test objects in QTP.eg bowser.page.webbutoon

the pictorial representation is tree form and the other is expert view .


  • Apr 24th, 2007

sorry dude the key word view is different from tree view..
if the question is in sql for Tree view its the basic thing which was foreign key ,primary key,,
and the functional testing----my friends gave answers
integration  testing ---in a team we have different modules
when all modules are completed we do integration,,in simple words
combining all the different modules and test all together is called integration testing

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