Write test cases for cell phone

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  • Jul 3rd, 2006

1) Verify when you are pushing the power button it is ON or not.
2) Click the number and verify whether the numbers are visible in the display or not.
3) Remove the battery and verify the Step 1 is working or not.
4) Verify it is user friendly or not by clicking the menu.
5) Select the menu button and check it is navigating the desired point or not (like menu->messages->new, inbox, outbox, draft ... etc.
6) Select the menu then go to messages then go to new message and write something and verify whether it is visible in the display or not if you require any more then I can write more.

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  • Jul 3rd, 2006

Test Cases for Mobile Phone:

1)Check whether Battery is inserted into mobile properly

2)Check Switch on/Switch off  of the Mobile

3)Insert the sim into the phone n check

4)Add one user with name and phone number in Address book

5)Check the Incoming call

6)check the outgoing call

7)send/receive messages for that mobile

8) Check all the numbers/Characters on the phone working fine by clicking on them..

9)Remove the user from phone book n check removed properly with name and phone number

10) Check whether Network working fine..

11)If its GPRS enabled check for the connectivity

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  • Jul 13th, 2006

  • If the mobile is switch on, then switch off the mobile, take out the behind cover. Take out the battery and insert sim.
  • Now Place the battery back and close the cover.
  • Now switch on the phone.
  • Verify whether the network is available
  • Check whether the items are displayed properly
  • Add a user to the phone book.(enter name and number.)
  • Click on messages- Write message- HI- click on send then click on user name. and verify whether the mesage has been sent.
  • Click on User name - click on call- verify whether the user name is dialled.
  • Click on all the settings in the mobile- verify whether they are functioning properly.
  • Delete the user from the mobile- verify whether the user is deleted from the phonebook

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  • Jul 13th, 2006

There are following test cases can be -

1- check the mobile company logo

2- check the mobile manufaturing date and time

3- check the insurence and valadity of that for security purpose 

4-Check the registration number

5-Check the keys which are working properly

6-check the resolution of  display screen

7-check   the colour available for that cell

8-chek that mobile is simple aur colour display screen

9-chek size of mobile

11-check for switch on /off condition

12-check the battory of mobile

13- check the battory backup of mobile

14-check the GPRS facilities

15 if avalable the mode of connection

16- check functionality of mobile after inserting of mobile

17-check the functionality of mobile before inserting in mobile

18-check other functionality like camara ,memory card ,fm facality e.t.c.

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Test Cases for Mobile Phone

1.Check whether the mobile is switched on
2.verify whether the mobile is switched on else switch on the mobile
3.Check whether the mobile is connected with proper network
4.Check when the mobile is not connected with proper network kindly contact the customer care
5.Check whether the mobile has got enough battery
6.Check when the mobile has not gort enough battery kindly power on the mobile
7.Check whether the mobile is connected with prepaid or postpaid connection.
8.Check whether the mobile has got enough balance
9.Verify if the mobile has not got enough balance kindly recharge the mobile
10.Check when you press the keypad it displays as unlock the keypad
11.Check whether the display helps us to click the correct button to unlock the keypad
12.check whether the user clicks as per the direction given to him the key pad opens
13.Check now the user can type anything on the mobile whether it displays on the screen.
14.Check whether the user can call only to the valid numbers
15.Check if the user calls to invalid he hear the invalid numberbeep
16.Check whether the user type the valid numbers and presses call button it be connected

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  • Aug 3rd, 2015

1 Insert the sim
2 Verify the mobile on quickly or not
3 Checking the incoming and outgoing calls
4 Check the messages are delivered and receiving with in time or not
5 Check mobile applications are working or not
6 Check mobile speakers are working or not
7 Check savings are stored in contacts are not
8 Check apps responds with in time or not
9 Check the storage space


  • Nov 30th, 2016

Including all above test cases which are very true I am adding my points.
To check whether mobile buttons working smoothly and properly.
To check Whether mobile screen sliding smoothly or not.
To check whether user profile is working properly according to user selection (e.g meeting, outdoor, silent etc.)
To check user is able to install new external software .
To check user is able to use installed software properly.
To check all by-default software in mobile are working properly (calendar, calculator, audio & video recording )

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  • Dec 5th, 2016

1) Check Mobile is must be present with you
2) Check whether the mobile is switched on or off
3) Check whether the mobile battery enough or not
4) Check sim is present into the Mobile phone
5) Verify mobile has connected with proper network
6) Check whether mobile has enough balance
7) Check whether contact no is saved in address book
8) If not saved then dial number from mobile keypad
9) Check whether no is display on screen
10) Check call button is present on screen
11) Check after dial number, call connected to other person or not
12) Check call working proper
13) Check due to network problem call is disconnect and also check voice cut problem

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