What is the difference between stock transfer between two plants belongs to same company code and to that of different company code???

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  • Jul 7th, 2006

In 1st case it is called as intracompany stock transfer and the 2nd case is inter company stock transfer

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  • Jul 10th, 2006

Stock Transfer between plants of same compnay code only includes inventory movement without any pricing and so called Stock Transfer Order where Stock Transfer between plants of different company code is same as a purchase order as along with the inventory there is also accounts transfer (pricing) involved.

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To transfer posting between plant to plant within company code, you use doc.type UB and item category is stock transfer and delivery type is NL, and no conditions in PO.

If it is different company code, doc.type NB, and delivery type is NLCC and maintain conditions.

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Stock transfer between two plant is known as Intra-Company Stock transfer, where there is only Inventory movement takes place whereas in the second case it is known as Inter Company Stock transfer where there is movement of Inventory along with The Purchase Order also takes place.

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pankaj patidar

  • Dec 26th, 2011

Intracompany - Stock transfer between to plant in same company code its called intracompany stock transfer.
in this case we use do. Type UB

Intercompany - Stock transfer between to plant but diff company code its called intercompany stock transfer
in this case we use DO. type NB.

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  • Dec 16th, 2015

In STO with in same company code (Intra-Company) there will be only goods movement between plants under this co. code and there do not exist any billing (as the books of a/c are not different). In STO between two different co. codes Invoicing/billing exists i.e the supplying company (which has the supplying plant) raises an invoice against the receiving company (which has the receiving plant).
Other differences are: Doc type UB & NB, Delivery type NL & NLCC, Movt. type, ect

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