Does Data warehouse have to be a relational database? Are Data warehouse queries ‘unpredictable’? Why would Data warehouse have ‘few concurrent users’? What is the maximum number of concurrent users, have you dealt with in a real life OLTP system? You have mentioned one way of dealing with slowly changing dimensions. Are they any other ways? Consider common dimensions – Customer, Product, Time etc. Think about how could they change with time? Are Cognos Finance and Cognos Consolidation Data warehouse products? What is Cognos Contributor? What are the popular products used for Forecasting? Name different analytical analysis that may be done in Finance Domain. What is GAAP? How does SOX act impact Finance and Accounting Function? What are other major US Compliance acts? Which industries do they apply to? What are major ways to improve performance of an application? What are the issues arise when u have a table having large volume of insert/modify transactions? How to solve them? What is Archiving and Purging? Why is it important? How to make Transactions and Reporting co-exist in an OLTP Application? What kind of Query Optimizer does Oracle 10g use? What was used in earlier versions? What is Explain Plan command? What is its use? What are the common precautions you take to ensure acceptable performance of a web java application? ThanksSekar R

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