Difference between Configuration Management and Version Control.

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  • May 15th, 2006

Cofiguration Management : is changing the H/W according to the customer requirements, without making any changes to the application,

Version Control: Is making changes in the application w.r.t to the customers requirements.

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Sreekanth Reddy Lingala

  • Jun 20th, 2006

Version Control is part of Configuration Management.

Read the following, you will understand.

Configuration Management is the approach used in managing the individual components (software & hardware) that make up the ?System?. It is important not to confuse ?Configuration Management? with ?Change Management?.


Change management is concerned with changes made to an item/s. Whereas Configuration Management is concerned with managing all of the individual items, and all of the items as a whole (System).


Software exists in two forms; non-executable (source code) and executable code (object code). When errors are found in the software, changes may be required to be made to the source code. When this situation occurs, it is imperative to be able to identify which version of code to change. There may also arise a situation where two Developers need to make changes to the code. If the Developers are unaware of the other updating the version, then both updated versions could be saved causing lost changes or worse. Also, Testers may not be aware of which version of code to test with causing further problems.


When testing is complete, a Test Leader will need to demonstrate that the testing has been completed on a specific version of code, a necessity to ensure correct test coverage.


It is not only software and hardware components that need to be controlled, but also documentation, as project members will need to ensure they work from the correct versions.


Configuration Management consists of the following four parts:


  • Configuration Identification
  • Configuration Control
  • Status Accounting
  • Configuration Auditing

Configuration Identification

This is the process of identifying all of the individual items that will be subject to version control within the project. Details such as version and status may be recorded.



Configuration Control

This activity ensures that any changes are controlled and monitored. A master copy should be kept in order for people to be able to check out the latest version of the document to avoid two people working on the same document version. Items such as ?dates?, ?version numbers? and ?updated by? are details that may be recorded. Once the item has been updated, the item can be checked back in, resulting in it becoming the master copy. A history will be displayed when multiple versions exist.



Status Accounting

This is the process of recording and reporting on the current status of the item. It is in effect the ability to be able to view the current state of the item.



Configuration Auditing

Configuration Auditing is used to ensure that the control process that is used is being correctly adhered to


Hi Sreekanth,

I could not exactly get what you are trying to say. May be am not used to most of the technical words you have used. I request you to clarify me in a simple way for my questions.

1. We say 'Star Team' (where we manage the stages of CR) the  is one of the 'Configuration Management' tools. So please let me know how can i relate it to your definition.

2. Also what is meant by version control and how is it a part of CM?


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