How to write test case on compose box in email

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  • Apr 6th, 2006

It's easy .....

1. checkout wheather On clicking Compose mail takes you to a page where you can enter the text.

2.Check wheather it has a TO,CC,BCC to enter email address.

3.Check wheather TO,CC,BCC accepts valid email address,if it does how many mail address can be entered.

4.Checkout if you can delete/edit ,copy, paste & format the text content.

5.Can sendmail or cancel mail.

U can go on........... with testcase I hope u have some good idea now.


Functional Tests

System Tests (Load Tests)


Checkout whether

On clicking Compose mail, takes you to "Compose mail page"




Check whether it has

a) To, Cc, Bcc to enter email address.

b) Subject, to enter the subject of the mail

c) Text body, space to enter the text.




Check whether

a) To, Cc, Bcc accepts text.


b) Subject, accepts text.


c) Text body, accepts text


a) The number of email addresses that can be entered in To, Cc, and Bcc

b) The maximum length of the subject


c) The maxim no of words that can be entered in the text space


Check whether

a) In To, Cc, Bcc, you can delete, edit, cut, copy, paste text.

b) Subject, you can delete, edit, cut, copy, paste text.

c) Text body, you can delete, edit, cut, copy, paste text and format text.



Check whether you can attach a file

a) The maximum size of the file that can be attached

b) The max no of files that can be attached.


Check whether you can send, save or discard the mail



Performance Testing:


If sending mail, receiving mail etc are considered, then we could test the performance of the email server as:

1) Like if one user is connected, what is the time taken to receive a single mail.

2) If 1000s of users are connected, what is the time taken to receive the same mail.

3) If 1000s of users are connected, what is the time taken to receive a huge attachment file.


Usability Testing:


1) In Usability testing, we can check that, if a part of the email address is entered, the matching email addresses are displayed

2) If  the mail is tried to send without the subject or ?body of the text?, a warning is displayed.

3) If the To, Cc, Bcc contain an address, without @, it should immediately display a warning that the mail id is invalid.

4) Composing mails should be automatically stored as drafts.


You can add some more testcases

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Test Case forCompose Mail

1.Check whether when you give yahoomail and press enter in firefox it moves to login page
2.Verify whether it doesn`t moves give the url name correctly
3.Check whether you are entering your user name correctly in the username field
4.Check whether you are entering your password in password field
5.Check whether the username and password are correct it moves to next page
6.Check whether the username and password are incorrect it moves to re-login page
7.Check whether the username and password are correct it moves to home page
7.Check whether you have seen the Compose Mail icon
8.Check whether by clicking Compose Mail it directs to compose mail page

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  • Sep 23rd, 2009

In high level, I can see the coverage as

Platform coverage-> From where the emails are triggered like from email client (different email clients like Thunderbird,MS Outlook express, Opera Mail, Apple Mail etc) or enterprise webmail (like Outlook Web Access) or general email via browser (like gmail, yahoo from firefox, IE etc) and on different Operating systems.

Function coverage-> There are many functionalities, like validating 'to field','from field','cc field','bcc-field',attachments,subject line.

Sending emails to single, multiple, distribution list, general mail box.

Replying email, Forwarding email.

Formatting the email: As plain text, Rich text (bold,italics,underline, different fonts, hyper link , pasting of spread sheet, documents etc)

Performance testing: Sending / receiving high volumes of email, performance tuning on email client/server. Long sequence testing.

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