Hai,I completed my MCA in 2003.Now i am working in teaching(c++,java&j2ee) field. I want to work in s/w development side.May i get any opportunites?plse advice how i apply?

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Hello Sai,

You should be able to get Job very easily... here is something you need to spend time before you go for the interviews.

1.  Try to understand how Java and c++ is being used in different industry areas.

2. get sample projects from any open source sites and get femiliar with webserver and other customizations.

3. get some database knowledge in Oracle and any others... practive sql/plsql since you will be applying for application developer job. 

Hope this helps.

Good Luck,

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Try to do some projects of your own. Add those project details in your resume.Put your resume in all job sites.Then join in a small company , dont worry about the componsation at this stage. Get a year of experience and then proceed for better company oppurtuniites.

Best of luck

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