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  • Logical & Physical Address

    How does Operating System work with logical & physical address?


    • Dec 1st, 2014

    These Terms Mostly Used IN "Data Base management System" and "OS". When you Search for Something on the Net (like Find The Best Football Player) The Data Shown In the Web Page Is Called Logical View ...

  • Troubleshooting a Slow Computer

    A User calls in and complains that her computer and network is running very slow. How would go about troubleshooting it?

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    • Member Since Nov-2009 | Nov 18th, 2009

    I would first ask the user whether every application on the computer is slow or is it just one particular application. if it is just one, try and sort that out.
    If the answer is all applications are running slow, look at common causes like, virus scans scheduled, free disk space on the home drive, RAM, lastly if the deployment team is rolling out any updates (which should not be done during business hours, but i've seen that happen too ;)
    If you suspect network latency, a simple ping test from the user's computer will tell you how many milli seconds network traffic is taking to reach the server.

  • Microsoft Outlook Questions

    1. What is the difference between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook express?2. What is the default ports number in Outlook for POP3 / HTTP / SMTP? 3. What is the meaning of pst in outlooks and what it’s function? 4. How can you backup the data of Microsoft outlook? 5. What will the pst file contain (eg; mail/ contacts/tasks etc)6. Will pst contain rules7. What is the use of cache mode in outlook...

    Jaywant Nalawade

    • Mar 17th, 2015

    There are two types of Outlook Data Files used by Outlook. 1.pst:- Personal Storage Table 2.ost:-offline storage table If you are using a Microsoft Exchange account, your items are usually deli...

    Manoj Singh

    • Dec 2nd, 2014

    1) Microsoft Outlook is a Microsoft Office application package content which is use for mail communication and express is inbuilt feature in XP for mail communication. 2) port for pop3-110, smtp-25, http-80