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  • What is an lvalue?

    An lvalue is an expression to which a value can be assigned. The lvalue expression is located on the left side of an assignment statement, whereas an rvalue is located on the right side of an assignment statement. Each assignment statement must have an lvalue and an rvalue. The lvalue expression must reference a storable variable in memory. It cannot be a constant.  


    • Apr 5th, 2008

    Lvalue is is a memory location,whose value is not constant i.e it's value is changed when a new value entered into that location.And also it can be say as, it is an expression,where  left side we have an identifier and right side(rvalue) the value.


    • Nov 1st, 2007

    lvalue is an expression which refers to the memory location where the variable is -           int * E = 5;      here, *...