Remove Special Characters from Input File

How to remove ! containing records from a file using JCL. The data without ! is required in the output file.

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  • Jul 7th, 2015

You can do this DFSORT OMIT
Say your records starts at position 1 and ends at position 10
Code like:

OMIT COND= (1, 10, CH, EQ, C !)
CH- type i.e. character
EQ- equal to i.e. relational operator

Anyone wants to correct?

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  • Mar 4th, 2016

OMIT condition will omit the entire record right?
Correct me if I am wrong.

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  • Nov 23rd, 2016

Omit will omit the complete record where it finds the matching condition. If we know the location of special char data, we can reformat data using INREC FIELDS option. where we can omit that column and include remaining data location.
correct me, if I am wrong...

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Ravi Mishra

  • Feb 7th, 2017

We can do this with sort
Sort fields = copy
Outrec FINDREP=(IN=c-,out=c)

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  • May 23rd, 2017

Using DFSORT utility, In sort control card use OMIT COND.

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  • Feb 15th, 2018

sort fields=copy
Outrec overlay(1:1,8,UFF)
The above code should work ,UFF remove junk character

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