Difference between 11i and R12

What were the documents you have prepared during implementation project?
What are the major difference between 11i and R12?

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  • Nov 20th, 2014

So many changes are there in tables.

Mainly In multi org architecture
in 11i set of books, 3cs (Currency,Calender,Chart of accounts)
now in R12 Set of books call it as a ledger 4cs(Currency,Calender,Chart of accounts,subledger accounting).


  • Nov 18th, 2015

1) Consist of 3C
2) No concept of MOAC.
3) Major table changes like po_vendors.
4) Banks are created in Account Payables.
5) Ap_Invoices_lines_all table in finance is not there.

1) Consist of 4C
2) Introduction of MOAC( Multi org access control)
3) Major table changes (Ap_suppliers)
4) Banks are created in Cash Management.
5) Subledger Accounting is not there.
5) Ap_invoices_lines_all is there.
6) Subledger Accounting is there.

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