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I have these questions and looking for validation, these questions are part of test:
Foreign keys implement:
a) one to one relationship
b) m:n relationship
c) one to many relationship
d) recursive relationship
e) a, c and d are true
Identify the dependency type shown by the attribute PATIENT- BALANCE. CHAGRES (PHYSICIAN #, PATIENT#, PATIENT –NAME, PATIENT-ADDRESS, PATIENT-BALANCE) a) partial, b) full c) transitive d) multivalued e) join
A logical transaction is
a) the collection of all update of a given record
b) an update of a single record in the db
c) a collection of updates in which all must be accomplished or non must be accomplished
d) a collection of updates from various users being made concurrently
A relationship of degree 4 will produce a table with 4 fields in the primary key (true / false)
A relationship with many as the maximum cannot have 0 as the minimum (true/ false)
Mandatory and optional are possibilities for maximum cardinality (true/ false)

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  • Jul 10th, 2015

I suggest you download a copy of the free book Database Design and Implementation: A practical introduction using Oracle SQL by bookboon It explains how to answer these questions in a simple way.

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anand reddy

  • Apr 20th, 2016

correct anwser - e
Reason, there will be M:M relation but not M:N

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