What is the purpose of the copy stage:

What is the uses of the copy stage with out copies input link to output link datasets
and it can have any purposes pls send me with example

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copy stage is used to copy the data multiple target.it is also used to change column names and reduce the speed of the record processing Wilie coming from external environment

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  • Dec 12th, 2011

Excuse me, I did not really understand the meaning of record processing that you write above. Could you please explain it to me? What is the meaning of Wilie coming from external environment.


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  • Apr 12th, 2012

From db2 or oracle stage if u want to use extracted table information in different stages we can go for copy stage ..it reduces the processing time or if u want to use same metadata in different target files or different stages go for copy stage ..like a virtual storage

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  • Apr 28th, 2012

copy stage purpose is to avoid the unwanted columns in output table means in a table u have 10 columns but u want 5 columns then you use copy stage to get which columns you want

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  • Apr 1st, 2013

Besides used for making copies of the input, copy stage is also helpful for achieving

1) dropping columns between stages
2) to change column names
3) if the scenario is to end the job flow directly from an active stage where you donot want to write the output to a file, then copy stage can be added after that active stage without connecting any output link to the copy stage.

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