Who was first?

Three beauty pageant finalists-Cindy, Amy and Linda-The winner was musician. The one who was not last or first was a math major. The one who came in third had black hair. Linda had red hair. Amy had no musical abilities. Who was first?
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  • Aug 6th, 2010

Clindy is the Winner Answer (a).


  1. Winner was musician
  2. 2nd one was Maths major
  3. 3rd had black hair
  4. Linda had red hair
  5. Amy had no musical abilities

As from the above points derived from the given question Either Amy or Clindy might had Black hair.

Linda had red hair

If We take amy had the black hair then there will not be any ambiguity according to the question. At the mean time Amy doesn't had any music abilities.So Amy came third(refer to the point 3).
Clindy   (1)                 |               Amy(3)                                |         Linda  (2)  |
1.Musician                  |             1. No musical Abilities           |         1.red hair  |
2.Black hair                |             2.Black hair                          
  |         2.Musician |
3.Maths major                          3.
Maths major                             3.Maths major |   

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  • Aug 8th, 2010

According to me we can't determine the correct sequence.Linda can be first or second.

If we consider Linda to be second then definitely Cindy is the winner.

But if we consider Linda to be at first place then then also arrangement can be made.

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  • Sep 6th, 2010

First is Linda (answer)
she cant 3 bcoz she have red hair
mean she (Linda)
is 1 n 2.
now 1 have musician
but Amby cant first bcoz he have not such abilities.

so 1 n 2 may be
Linda or Cindy.
or 2 n 3 may be Amby or Cindy

Common is 2. so
cindy is second
then 1 is Linda
3 is Amby

1. Linda
3. Amby


  • May 24th, 2012

1 2 3
musician MM b.hair

| L L A
possible solutions | C C C
| A

eliminating amb_ : L A C

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Rajan Yadav

  • Sep 13th, 2020

1. Linda(L)
2. Amy(A)
3. Cindy(C)
Rank -1 ( Musician) [C,L] Since, Amy is not musician
Rank -2 ( Maths Major) [C,A,L]
Rank -3 (Black Hair) [ C, A] Since, Linda has Red Hair.
For Rank -1, if Cindy is considered, there is a contradiction since Cindy has Black Hair. Making Linda standing at Rank-1.
For Rank-2, if Cindy is considered again, there is a contradiction since Cindy has Black Hair and one with Black Hair stands Rank -3. Also, Linda is Rank-1, Amy is left for Rank-2.
For Rank -3, from above all statements, Cindy stands Rank -3.

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