What are skills required for business analyst?

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Skills required for business analyst:
1)Analytical skills
2)Technical skills
3)Manegerial skills
4)Negotiation skills
5)excellent communication and writing skills

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  • Jan 17th, 2009

Analysis, Requirement gathering, translate high-level user needs into detailed use cases. The candidate should have a detailed understanding of the software development life cycle and the role played by an analyst. The candidate will help to define, test and document software solutions to assure quality of the final product and will provide training on the implementation of the new and enhanced processes.

These are the Skill Required :

Primary Skill :
• Business Requirement gathering
•At least 5-10 RFP Response and validation
• Carried out infra assessment and analysis
• Preparation of Road Map, Gap Analysis
• Defining Framework
• Infra Solutioning ( Sr Candidates must have /Jr Candidates good to have)
• Strong alignment to business goals /measurement index
• ITIL foundation certified and conceptual understanding of the ITIL stacks Secondary Skill :
• Willingness to short notice travel for Customer meetings and assignments
• Ability to interface with Top level Customer Executives
• Good Documentation Capability
• Strong Presentation skills

I'd like to add to this list an essential skill for most analysts, which is the ability to facilitate groups.

Most business analyst activities require the input of groups, principally through team meetings and workshops. An effective business analyst has or develops good group facilitation skills. The larger the project, the more likely an analyst will need to lead a group, or retain one for his/her meetings and workshops. Whether the need is a project charter, a project strategy, requirements gathering, or data modeling, inputs and decisions by groups are involved.

Inasmuch as facilitation is a life skill, a solid training program and regular practical experience are essential.


  • Jun 11th, 2009

Well to add on to the list, Most of the BA's work for certain specific industry and hence the domain understanding of that industry is certainly very helpful. To understand the business processes and the industry specific jargons used, the BA is expected to have the Industry know-how

Also, the BA is expected to have a techno functional role where he is expected to understand the business equally good as he understands the technology of how the requirment is gonna be structured in the system. The BA should be proficent enough to seperate the Business requirements with the System requirements during the requirement elicitation.

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  • Jul 14th, 2009

Meeting management.
Presentation skills.
Decision-making skills.
Facilitation skills.
Communication skills.
Conflict resolution.
Negotiation skills.
Relationship skills.
Questioning skills.
Escalation skills.
Cultural awareness.
Leadership skills.


  • Mar 3rd, 2010

Most essential skill supposed to be are:

Good communication skill
Good documentation skill

and most importantly, saving your company from doing the extra effort in terms of cost overrun along with having an praise from the client.

Though, talking officially, no one admits about aspect related with effort estimation, any compnay has the inherent liking towards the same.

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  • Oct 3rd, 2011

This is young business analyst your response toward this question has lead me to successful returns thanks! keep it up.

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  • Oct 17th, 2011

why ? ITIL certification is required for BA

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