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Hi All,

I have a Materialized views Group, on this group I have 57 MVs these are all created on Master data (OLAP) log files and we have dependency schedule to run this jobs. Load dependency is like (MD tabs Then  Log files MVs) this is not a problem with us.

For 57 views to get updated (refreshed) in 4 hours in these views one view is taking nearly 2 hours to update. We are updating this group using shell script as Batch dependency.

Refresh type: Force complete
On demand
In this view we have simple select statement only and it is contains nearly 10 million records as this is taking more than two hours to update and reaming 56 views are taking 1 hour only.

Here my question is.

For reduce the Batch time, we want divide the group into 2 groups and trying to run simultaneously (we want to change Shell script).

Can you please let me know; is this working fine or not?

Hope I would get valid advises from DB experts.

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