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What you will check when any user is not able to launch Citrix application?

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  • May 18th, 2009

1)  First try to launch same application from Citrix server(on which you installed and published)

2)  Try to add same application to your ID and try to launch

3)  Check user permissions for that Applications

4)  Verify that latest Citrix client software installed at desktop

5)  Verify that user is having correct proxy settings to connect to your Citrix network (for remote users)

Amar Honnungar

  • Feb 24th, 2013

Also do check the ICA TCP Properties - Network Adapter to hold maximum concurrent sessions as selection and Qfarm /load to show output of less than 10000. License server should be up and communicating. RDP CAL should have free licenses.

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  • Dec 9th, 2013

check whether IMA service is started or not on xenapp servers.
check listening ports are working or not

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Harsha L P

  • Jun 10th, 2014

Along with IMA service check the Citrix XML service. we need to identify first whether the issue is related to particular user or from server end. based on this start to troubleshoot

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  • Mar 26th, 2015

Also we need to check on DSC any session is present regarding that application. Means Ghost session for that particular user

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