What is the difference between parameter and variable in report studio

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parameter is a value which we can what data will be displayed on a repport, and varaible is  what will changes in a report when we applying the condition. Using varaible we can cutomize reports. These are three types 1) string 2) boolean

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  • Feb 5th, 2012

Parameters are usually used for defining some characteristics of the modeled object. They are helpful when object instances have the same behavior described in class, but differ in some parameter values.
Generally, numeric parameters are used, while you can define a parameter of any Java class
An active object can contain variables. Variables are generally used to store the results of model simulation or to model some characteristics of objects, changing over time. AnyLogic supports two types of variables – variables and collections.

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Prabhjeet Singh

  • Mar 8th, 2012

Parameters generally act as a filter to a report. Depending on the user selection the report is been filtered and is provided to the user. They can be used to display what value user has selected or what data the user wants to see.

Whereas Variables are used to conditionally format or conditionally hide/show the object in the report. They cant be used to filter the data in the report.

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