Recording issue in flight application using WinRunner

I have recorded the regular flight application (flight a) through winrunner.I try to record the login part ,input date,flignt ,fly from ,fly to ,name ,tickets and inserted.

But while running the script.It is stopping at the step where is say "
obj_type ("MSMaskWndClass","090909");" I don't know the exact reason.

Can anyone assit me to solve this issue?

Do we have to change the logical name of the object?

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  • Sep 21st, 2007

I did what you said in my PC. It was working fine without any interuption. Record the flight 1a reservation fill all the details and close the application by using menu file exist.

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  • Dec 7th, 2007

Well can u reply to me what version of the winrunner have u been running and the obj_type which u denote must be a date field . just check with ur gui map editor and can u write what error message it shows? So that i may help u ....

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