What is SQC? What is SQT?

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  • Aug 8th, 2007

Compiling an SQR program can improve its performance. The compiled program is stored in a runtime (.SQT)file. You can then run it with SQR Execute. SQCs are like functional library files which we can include in our SQR programs.

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.SQC is a Fuction Library file. It is lke a sub program is saved by extension .SQC and this program can be called in the SQR program

.SQT is compile time/Run time file. When a file with XXX.SQR is compiled we get the output as XXX.SQT and when is XXX.SQT is runed or executed we get the output XXX.LIS (List file/Output file).

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sqc are the files which can be considered as header file which can be included in the header file simillar to c when we include header file

sqt ::  we can have command line parameter for  the sqr and we can pass at runtime hense we have to save it as sqt

Substitutions are made as the program is compiled and are saved in the SQT file.

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