Browser("").Page("").WebEdit("_id0:ltrno").Set "12"--------I want to get this value "12" from the text field and use it some where. I did the followingvalue=Browser("").Page("").WebEdit("_id0:ltrno").GetROProperty("Value")msgbox("The value is "& value)The message being displayed is: The value is i.e. nothing is being displayedNeed some guidance.Thanks in advance.

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Hi ,After u set the value to '12' as u wished, just go & check the properties for "WebEdit("_id0:ltrno")." in the repository or thru identification of the object for its propertiesand look where 12 is assigned against the properties(like Value or something else might be)so that u can get the value through GetROProperty()Thanks,Kamal

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  • Mar 14th, 2007

To achieve what you want you can do it in 2 ways

First Way

Assign "12" to a variable and use can use it to get and set your value like

Dim intTest
intTest = "12"
Browser("browser").Page("page").WebEdit("demo").Set intTest

msgbox "Your Value=" & intTest

Second Way

Browser("browser").Page("page").WebEdit("demo").Set intTest

msgbox "Your Value=" & Browser("browser").Page("page").WebEdit("demo").GetVisibleText

Hope this is Helpful

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use the following code:


instead of taking GetROPropert as "value" take as "text" then it work.

ok byeee

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