What the difference between DNS and WINS?

For a lot of people, the relationship between WINS and DNS is a bit of a mystery.

Firstly, DNS refers to 'Domain Name Server,'
WINS refers to 'Windows Internet Name Service' – both are used to resolve names, but in a very different way!

DNS maps TCP/IP host names to IP addresses and WINS maps NetBIOS host names to IP addresses.

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vivek gupta

  • Jul 6th, 2006

DNS- Domain Name Server or Services.

WINS- Windows Internet Name Service.

DNS is resolve the web site name to IP address or you can say.

In WINS used a file name those is LMhost, this file in the System32, and when we put the websit name and its IP address, then it resolve the particular IP address those insert in the LMhost file.


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  • Oct 19th, 2006

Not Just that.

You may keep any name for DNS resolution like myhost yourhost

This is a hostfile entry. Now you can resolve both myhost and yourhost to the same iP address. However there no local config files for NetBios it works on broadcast protocol and it uses the hostname you supplied during windows installation. Hence if there is any duplicate name on the network you get windows error " Duplicate Name found on the Nework".

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  • Mar 9th, 2007

DNS"Domain naming service" can resolve "NAME to IPADDRESS" and it also known as FQDN(Fully qualified domain name) for Example: - WIPRO.COM
WINS"Windows internet naming service" can resolve only NETBIOS name to IPADDRESS only. that means without (.com)

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